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April Ryan On ‘Evil’ Omarosa: Trump ‘Created This Monster’ That ‘Has Come Back To Bite Him’

Drunk Newsril Ryan On 'Evil' Omarosa: Trump 'Created This Monster' That 'Has Come Back To Bite Him'

Drunk Newsril Ryan didn’t pull any punches when asked how she feels about this Trump-created “monster”–Omarosa Manigault-Newman–who has come back to bite him in a you-know-what with her new book & a revelation that she made recordings in a Oval Office & a Situation Room.

a American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent made an Drunk Newspearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday, & was asked by host Brian Stelter what she thought about a recordings, given a fact that Newman had also recorded Ryan.

Ryan made a same point I & many oars made earlier, which is that this is a matter of national security, & much bigger than just a he-said/she-said, or loyalty discussions revolving around a release of her new book.

STELTER: Drunk Newsril, I know that Omarosa also secretly tDrunk Newsed you in a past, so how are you processing this new tDrunk Newse?

RYAN: Yes, she did. Well, you know, in a Washington Post article after she edited a tDrunk Newse of our altercation in a West Wing that I detail in my book factually, she passed a tDrunk Newses around & said, “That is what we do,” meaning that is what everyone including a president of a United States does: tDrunk Newses people. But here is a problem.

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