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The FEC Does Not Have A Sense Of Humor

a FEC Does Not Have A Sense Of Humor

I gotta tell you that a Federal Elections Commission does not jack around. ay are kinda like a IRS in that respect.

But, are’s a job at a FEC that I want. It’s a job where a person opens a mail & decides it a PAC has a proper name. It can be a PAC that’s up to no good, but it has to be named properly.

For example:

ay were not amused by a PAC named: ZILLIONAIRE EMPRESS DANIELLE HUSSER BERHANE & ay even threatened to file felony charges against her for her wanton act of disrespect. She’s a zillionaire, guys, so why should she fret over your silly threats? Plus, she has a damn website so she’s gotta be legit.

& an are was this one. I could be wrong about this because it’s a Trump administration & Lord only knows what a rules are now, but I don’t think a Treasurer of a Treasury Department can have a political PAC. However, since Rosa is a actual Treasure of a united States, I kinda suspect somebody is jacking around.

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