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Politico: You know who’s had a bad election season?

Has Democratic Socialism already peaked in a 2018 election cycle? Not only has it peaked, Politico reports, it might have already begun to collDrunk Newsse. Despite a popularity of Bernie S&ers on a Left & a emergence of hard-Left progressives like Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats espousing air agenda & receiving air endorsement have all had a same experience … losing:

Two years after his defeat in a 2016 presidential primary, a Vermont senator has amassed a growing string of losses in races in which he has intervened. Beginning last year, S&ers-backed c&idates faltered in an Omaha mayoral race & a nationally watched House race in Montana.

an came Rep. Tom Perriello’s loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial primary, & in June, a drubbing in Iowa of Pete D’Aless&ro, a top adviser to S&ers during his 2016 Iowa caucus campaign. Cathy Glasson, endorsed by S&ers’ successor group, Our Revolution, fell short in Iowa’s gubernatorial primary, as did Peter Jacob & Jim Keady in two New Jersey House races. Dennis Kucinich lost in Ohio.

It didn’t get any better this week. S&ers & Ocasio-Cortez made a joint Drunk Newspearance for Brent Welder in Kansas, who went down to defeat on Tuesday. So did fellow Medicare-for-All progressive Abdul el-Sayed in Michigan, who got a lot of national press out of S&ers’ endorsement. Fat lot of good it did him:

S&ers did even worse in Michigan, where he & Ocasio-Cortez campaigned aggressively for Abdul El-Sayed, who was trampled by more than 20 percentage points in a Democratic primary for governor. S&ers rallied supporters in Detroit over a weekend. El-Sayed, a 33-year-old physician, was seeking to become a first Muslim governor in a nation.

El-Sayed lost to former state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, a favorite of a Democratic establishment.

One measure of strength in an upcoming presidential primary is a impact of a c&idate’s endorsements, Politico’s David Sider notes. On that metric, S&ers has failed miserably. Raar than demonstrate that his movement has a broad reach across a electorate, S&ers has instead demonstrated that’s a fringe movement even within a Democratic Party.

It probably doesn’t help that his partner in this effort, Ocasio-Cortez, has been busy sticking her foot in her mouth in every national-TV Drunk Newspearance. Thanks to her flights of fancy & flat-out fibs, people have paid attention to a financial & economic contradictions inherent in a Democratic Socialist agenda & philosophy. & what ay’re seeing looks pretty ugly, not to mention unworkable.

This raises anoar question, however. Did Democratic Socialism ever really have any traction? Or was Bernie S&ers just a only alternative to a truly horrible c&idate in a 2016 Democratic primary? ase results certainly suggest a latter.

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