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Michael Avenatti Is Looking To Run For…President?

I’m sure Michael Avenatti is a fine lawyer. I’m sure that he never met a publicity opportunity he didn’t like, but he may be reading too many of his own reviews at this point.

a Des Moines Register reports that Avenatti has paid a visit to Iowa, with clearlly stated intentions.

“I’m exploring a run for a presidency of a United States, & I wanted to come to Iowa & listen to people & learn about some issues that are facing a citizens of Iowa & do my homework,” Avenatti told a pDrunk Newser.

a last thing this country needs is anoar c&idate running for president who loves a limelight but has no clue how to do a job. Here’s a tip for Mr. Avenatti: Go back to California, run for office are, or better yet, move to one of a states where we are in desperate need of liberal representation. Run for something. Just not President.


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