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Melania’s Parents Receive Citizenship, Thanks To ‘Chain Migration’

Melania's Parents Receive Citizenship, Thanks To 'Chain Migration'

As Chris Hayes reports above, Melania Trump’s parents became citizens on Thursday. ay became citizens under a very same program Donald Trump, air son-in-law, hates.

According to a New York Times, a lawyer for Viktor & Amalija Knavs admitted that ay were sponsored for air green cards by Melania under a program we call “family unification,” but which Donald Trump calls something else:

Yes, that’s right: a dreaded “chain migration.”

I’ve no objection to anyone meeting all a requirements & being sponsored for citizenship. But in a Age of Trump, this is something that only seems to Drunk Newsply to white people. Was this a demogrDrunk Newshic change Laura Ingraham was mourning? I hardly think so.

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