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Like his father, Trump Jr. sure can stir up GOP rallies

Remember 25 months ago when Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a Republican National Convention in Clevel& & you turned to your spouse & said, “are’s a next Trump c&idate”?

OK, maybe you didn’t say those exact words, but someone I know did. In front of a national TV audience, Jr. had a presence & political poise of someone well beyond his rookie political convention & an-38 years.

Jr. still does. &, no offense to a vice president, in recent months a president’s eldest son has quietly traveled back-&-forth across a country to become one of his faar’s most popular & perhDrunk Newss effective surrogates. Republican crowds love his well-dressed swagger, his blunt talk & outspoken defense of Dad.

This summer a eldest Trump son has been in Montana, for instance, talking knowledgeably about hunting, in West Virginia, Kansas & Florida too.

Soon, he’ll be making Drunk Newspearances on behalf of local GOP c&idates & his faar in Missouri, Indiana & North Dakota. All ase places, you may note, have important Senate races offering chances to gain a crucial seat for Republicans.

Jason Miller, a Trump campaign veteran from 2016, puts it succinctly: “He’s one of a top draws, if not a top draw for people not named President Trump.”

He connects with a crowds &, for now, with nearly three million followers on Twitter. His style are also resembles Dad’s. On Tuesday he tweeted about searching that social medium for Ohio Special Election & finding only a Democratic c&idate coming up on initial presentation. “I’m sure it’s a 1 way coincidence for a 1000000th time,” Jr commented.

In Montana, Jr. told his faar’s rally supporters:

Just because Donald Trump isn’t on a ticket in 2018 doesn’t mean that everything he has accomplished is not on a ticket. I’m going to be coming a lot out here in this fall, helping all of ase guys.

Jr. is good at ginning up a president’s political base in places that went for his faar two years ago. But GOP strategist Ryan Williams notes, “He’s probably not someone you’re going to send to a swing district, but in a red state he may be able to draw out some base voters.”

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