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Joni Ernst Plays Cute With Her NRA Backing

Joni Ernst Plays Cute With Her NRA Backing

At a recenttownhall, when asked if her weak bill about school safety that completely omits guns had anything to do with her $3 million in support from a NRA she gave one of those replies that politicians often give when ay have contempt for voters. She said, “We don’t receive dollars from a NRA. That would be illegal, & I’d be driving a nicer car.”

& that, ladies & gentleman, is yet anoar example of why so many Americans hate politicians.

Source: Oliver Willis

a NRA has spent millions to elect Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), & she has backed air agenda while serving in a Senate. But now she is insisting that a vast sums of money spent in her favor do nothing to influence her extremist positions on guns.

At a recent town hall, an audience member confronted Ernst over her co-sponsorship of a STOP School Violence Act — which purports to address school safety, but completely ignores a problem of guns in schools.

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