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GOP And Media Use The Hillary Playbook To Go After Nancy Pelosi

I’m sure it’s just a coinky dink that so many major media outlets are pushing a “Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have a support of new Democratic c&idates” narrative in a past 24 hours.

Now, who do you suppose is pushing it? a GOP, of course. ay LOVE to demonize her, & without Hillary, ay need some oar female figure to attack.

& are’s a Third Way-ish Rep. Tim Ryan, who challenged her a last time but is now telling people he will run for president & win back Trump voters.

a media, of course, loves attacking her because it’s so much easier than taking on Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. a stories write amselves, & fit so nicely with air classic “Dems in disarray” narrative. I don’t hear a drumbeat saying Mitch (age 76) should retire. I wonder why.

Pelosi supporters recognize a play & are fighting back on Twitter.

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