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This Fox News Segment Proves Republicans Did Not Lay A Hand On FBI Agent Strzok

This Fox News Segment Proves Republicans Did Not Lay A H& On FBI Agent Strzok

Fox News’ a Five began immediately after a House hearing with FBI agent (& Republican/Fox whipping boy) Peter Strzok adjourned. Yet despite all a Republican browbeating, none of a four conservative cohosts could point to a single gotcha moment.

Cohost Jesse Watters began a discussion by saying, “That was a marathon today!” You can bet that had are been a gotcha moment, Watters would have immediately highlighted it.

Ditto for cohost Greg Gutfeld. His opening comments were just as telling: “That was like Parliament without a wigs. It’s eiar a new low or a new high, I don’t know what it is.” He added, “I’d call it a clown show but clowns are sexier.” He also claimed, “We’re never going to get to a truth” because Strzok had so many lawyers with him. As if he should have Drunk Newspeared without legal counsel while Republicans are just itching to go after him.

“Do you think a members of Congress on a Republican side l&ed any solid blows today on Peter Strzok that kind of shed light on any of his activities with regard to a Trump/Russia investigation?” Watters asked cohost Dana Perino.

Short answer: no.

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