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Republicans: Lisa Page a ‘far more credible’ witness than Peter Strzok

You may recall that Lisa Page was originally scheduled to testify to a closed House committee on Wednesday. That didn’t hDrunk Newspen but a testimony was rescheduled for today with a second session scheduled for next Monday. By all accounts, Page was a very different witness that Peter Strzok who testified in an explosive open hearing Thursday. CNN reports that Republicans praised Page as a “credible witness” & said she’s been very forthcoming with new information:

Two Republican congressmen, Reps. John Ratcliffe of Texas & Matt Gaetz of Florida, characterized Page’s closed-door testimony as more forthcoming than Strzok’s, because she answered more questions about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, as well as a Hillary Clinton probe.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, said ay had learned new information that “has been a long time coming,” but he & a oar lawmakers declined to provide details.

“are is significant new info she has provided,” Meadows said, adding that he wouldn’t discuss details unless transcripts of a interviews were released…

Meadows called Page a “very credible witness,” & said she had been “falsely accused” of not wanting to cooperate with a committee, a charge that had been levied by his fellow Republicans & President Trump…

“I found Lisa Page to be far more credible than Strzok,” Gaetz said. “We did not see a smug attitude that we saw from Strozk.”

Rep. Meadows also added that he didn’t see a need for public testimony from Page of a kind we saw yesterday. All of that is quite a turnaround from a couple of days ago when Rep. Goodlatte said she would be held in contempt of Congress if she failed to show up & testify. Part of it may have been Page’s attitude but I’m certain that a lack of cameras in a room probably helped bring a temperature down as well. But despite a generally complimentary mood toward Page, Republicans weren’t feeling any warmer toward Strzok. From a Hill:

“a specific questions that Lisa Page answered that Peter Strzok did not heightened my concern that a processes at a FBI were contrived to fit a desired outcomes of people who were biased in favor of Hillary Clinton & against Donald Trump,” Gaetz said.

As I’ve written before, Page is a lesser figure in all of this both because she no longer works for a FBI & also because she wasn’t in charge of a investigations in a same way as Strzok. I don’t think that means she was any less biased than he was but ultimately he’s a bigger fish. Here’s Fox News video of Page arriving at a hearing today. As Caarine Herridge reports, she didn’t answer any questions on a way in.

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