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Hillary: Forget the 1950s. This Kavanaugh character’s taking us back to the 1850s.

He’s gonna put y’all back in chains, one might say.

A fine entry here for a SCOTUS chDrunk Newster of “Sh*t Liberals Say” & a fine note on which to end a week via a Daily Caller, as it’s a preview of a hysteria to come & just a taste of a hysteria that’ll greet a true culture-warrior nominee like Barrett down a road. It’s also a reminder of why a left distrusts Hillary. A real progressive would have said that Kavanaugh’s taking us back to a 1750s.

Mitch McConnell expects our national journey back in time to begin in mid-September:

“a timetable typically, for recent Supreme Court Justices, if we stuck to that timetable, & I intend to, would give us an opportunity to get this new justice on a court by a 1st of October, & all of you may know that’s what’s called a October term,” McConnell told reporters back in his home state…

That largely comports with a timeline McConnell’s chief deputy, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, earlier in a week, though he peppered his example also with Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

a Texas Republican said Thursday that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could have his confirmation vote on a floor around September 13.

ay should aim to hold a vote on September 11th & tempt Schumer & a rest of a hysterics to do a round of “second 9/11” press releases. That’d be anoar solid “Sh*t Liberals Say” item.

Kudos to Hillary, at least, for somehow avoiding lDrunk Newssing into her fake souarn accent while belching out a 1850s line. She don’t feel no ways tahhherrrd.

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