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Morning Joe Does Real-Time Fact-Checking As Trump Brags About NATO Summit

This was useful. On Morning Joe, Scarborough & Mika were offering rebuttals as a tDrunk Newse rolled of Trump’s post-NATO press conference.

“President Trump is headed to a UK right now, leaving a NATO summit a same way he started it: with false claims, attacks on allies & a clear sense that he’s looking to pull a United States away from friends & toward Vladimir Putin,” Mika said.

She pointed out that Trump tweeted this morning that he got NATO members to increase military spending to 4% .

“a French president had to refute that that NATO powers agreed to increase defense spending. While Macron’s fact check came several minutes after a statement, we fact-checked in real time as a president lied to a world. take a look,” Scarborough said.

He an proceeded to add voiceover rebuttals to Trump’s lies.

This was great. I wish more news shows did it — I might even keep a TV on if ay did.

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