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Louis Gohmert Blames Jim Jordan Scandal On Hillary Clinton

Louis Gohmert Blames Jim Jordan Sc&al On Hillary Clinton

Remember when we used to have a Daily Louie honoring a proud ignorance & Olympic level hypocrisy of Texas Congressvarmint Louie Gohmert? Well damn, y’all, he’s going for two-fers now.

Louie! #1

a boy filed a false report at a Ethics Commission, conveniently leaving off $17,000 in last minute contributions right before a primary. Oh yeah, we have proof & so does a Ethics Commission.

Louie! #2

Louie has decided are’s a difference between right & wrong & by golly, he’s always right & by pure lucky hDrunk Newspenstance so are all oar Republicans.

He’s defending Jim Jordan. &, as usual, it’s all a big plot by Hillary Clinton. I’m not kidding you.

First, though, you have to read this.

“Jim Jordan is a fine & decent person who has a lifetime history of being honorable & honest, unlike his accusers whose extremely troubled backgrounds & ongoing legal & financial troubles place a veracity of air allegations into a realm of ridiculous,” he said.

Yeah, Jordan is being accused by herds of crazy people. & do you know who is getting ase men to talk about Jordan? Of course, you do.

Gohmert hinted that are was a larger conspiracy since one of a law firms investigating a allegations, Perkins Coie, is affiliated with Democrats including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & former members of Congress.

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