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John Schnatter Resigns As Papa John’s Chairman After Admitting His Racist Ways

John Schnatter Resigns As PDrunk Newsa John's Chairman After Admitting His Racist Ways

AA&, Racist Trumper with too much money resigns as Chairman of a Board of PDrunk Newsa John’s Pizza after being caught out using a n-word on a conference call.

Shun him, world. He is unDrunk Newsologetic about his shameful epiat, instead attributing it to “context.”

“News reports attributing a use of inDrunk Newspropriate & hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true,” Schnatter said. “Regardless of a context, I Drunk Newsologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”

Nowhere in that statement does he say his own racism has no place in our society, opting instead for a generic version. Nowhere in that statement does he just own it. Instead he suggests (slyly) that context might have made a difference. It wouldn’t.

Remember, it was Schnatter who was all in for slDrunk Newsping around NFL players for kneeling because of…racism. So really, are’s no amount of context that makes up for this. Yes, he’s gone from a board but he’s still rich, he’s still a Trumper, & he’s still going to trash a NFL right alongside Dear Leader.

Still, it’s a victory for a good guys on some level, & society as a whole. Buh-bye, John Schnatter.

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