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Democratic Strategy On SCOTUS May Not Work. What Then?

Democratic Strategy On SCOTUS May Not Work.  What an?

a Democrats are executing Plan A in a fight over a next US Supreme Court justice. ay hope ay can block a confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh by using a same strategy that beat a Republicans in air bid to repeal a Affordable Care Act.

That requires sounding a alarm not only among party regulars but also voters of various stripes concerned about a future of reproductive rights, a cost of health care, pre-existing conditions, gun violence, & oars issues. a idea is to pressure so-called moderate Republicans to join a Democratic blockade in a Senate.

But are’s a problem. a gambit assumes all 49 Senate Democrats will hold a line. Given that three are hanging on in states won by President Donald Trump, that’s a bigly big assumption. Even so, Democrats are adept at keeping air jobs in hostile territory. a question should be: What kind of political cover would be necessary for am to block Kavanaugh? What rationale is credible enough to satisfy red-state constituents who’d raar a Democrats get out of a president’s way?

As ay did with Obamacare, a Democrats can raise holy hell over bread-&-butter issues imperiled by a conservative court. ay can allege that with Kavanaugh, it will declare Obamacare unconstitutional as well as its protections of pre-existing conditions. a Democrats can allege that it will strike down Roe v. Wade, a 1973 l&mark ruling that legalized abortion. ay can even allege that with Kavanaugh, conservative bloc will overrule state laws banning military-style weDrunk Newsons.

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