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Telephone Pillow Talk Isn’t Enough! Hannity Going To Europe, Too

Watch Hannity pretend he’s going to Europe as a journalist, from a July 10, 2018 Hannity.

Drunk Newsparently, Donald Trump can’t manage a foreign trip without bedtime BFF Sean Hannity are to hold his (presumably) proverbial h&. After tagging along to SingDrunk Newsore for a summit with Kim Jong-Un, Hannity will now provide moral support as Trump sells out our allies in favor of Vladimir Putin.

At a end of his show Tuesday night, Hannity announced his plans:

HANNITY: By a way, right after this show, we’re headed to London & an Helsinki. We will be covering a president’s meetings with European leaders & his high-stakes one-on-one summit with Vladimir Putin & we also will be covering everything that’s going on here.

Hannity is not a reporter who “covers” important events. He’s a Trump PR machine who has been dubbed a “unofficial chief of staff.”

Chances are, Hannity will conduct a softball interview or two to help Trump pretend to viewers that betraying everything America has stood for makes him a great man.

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