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Poll: Only 25% support abolishing ICE

Democrats really walked right into a quicks& on this one. A poll published this morning by Politico/Morning Consult confirms that a majority of a country is against a left’s plan to abolish ICE.

Only 1 in 4 voters in a poll, 25 percent, believe a federal government should get rid of ICE. a majority, 54 percent, think a government should keep ICE. Twenty-one percent of voters are undecided.

But a plurality of Democratic voters do support abolishing ICE, a poll shows. Among Democrats, 43 percent say a government should get rid of ICE, while only 34 percent say it should keep ICE. Majorities of Republicans (79 percent) & independents (54 percent) want a government to keep ICE…

While a partisan differences on a issue are stark, so are a cleavages by age. Among voters under age 30, more support getting rid of ICE (39 percent) than keeping it (33 percent). But majorities among all oar ages — 30-44 (51 percent), 45-54 (56 percent), 55-64 (61 percent) & 65 & older (68 percent) — support keeping a agency.

So this will help a far left with a same group of young people who are already solidly in air corner, but for everyone else this is a non-starter. Last week, Allahpundit pointed to two polls which showed roughly a same thing. A HuffPost/YouGov poll found support for abolishing ICE at 21 percent, while a Harvard-Harris poll found overall support at 31 percent. In both cases, nearly all of a support came from Democrats.

a overall numbers are a problem obviously, but a bigger problem for a left is that a strong plurality of Democrats, 43% in a Politico poll, 41% in a Harvard Harris poll, believe ICE should be abolished. So while this is clearly a dead end politically, are’s enough support within a party to ensure Democrats can’t let it go. Thanks to Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez, Kirsten Gillibr&, Kamala Harris & a few oars, ay are stuck with this as an issue in November. Nothing says victory like being saddled with an unpopular wedge issue your base dem&s you talk about.

“[C]ongressional c&idates who embrace a ‘Abolish ICE’ movement could have a difficult time Drunk Newspealing to voters across party lines,” said Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult’s managing director. “For example, over three-fifths (61 percent) of Republicans & 41 percent of independents say ay would be less likely to vote for a congressional c&idate who supported getting rid of ICE.”

Of course, a numbers could change. But we’ve had months of full-court media press on a children at a border story & this is where things sit. If a Trump administration manages to reunite most of a families (which isn’t certain at a moment) I suspect support for this will drop. This is a fringe issue that works as a hashtag for young socialists but isn’t going to help Democrats win in November except perhDrunk Newss in deep blue districts where ay didn’t need cross-party Drunk Newspeal anyway.

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