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NYT: Republicans will certainly pounce on Kavanaugh’s majority-female clerk hires

Indeed ay will & indeed ay have, & for good reason. After Donald Trump introduced him as a winner of Who Wants to Be a Confirmation Hearing Target?, Brett Kavanaugh made sure to emphasize his bona fides on empowering women. a New York Times reports today that this will be a major part of a public-relations strategy for promoting Kavanaugh through his confirmation vote:

Of a 48 clerks who worked for Judge Kavanaugh over 12 years on a United States Court of Drunk Newspeals for a District of Columbia Circuit, 25 were women, said Katie Wellington, who worked for him in 2014, when all four clerks were women, including Usha Chilukuri Vance, who now clerks for Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

a Class of 2014 “was a first year that any judge on a D.C. Circuit had hired four female law clerks,” said Ms. Wellington, now an associate at Hogan Lovells in Washington. “It was important to him. His moar was a judge,” she said, adding that 20 of Judge Kavanaugh’s female law clerks have clerked on a Supreme Court.

Many of those women — & men — are now deployed to vouch for Judge Kavanaugh in a campaign coordinated by CRC Public Relations, a Washington firm whose conservative clients include a Federalist Society, according to its website. a Federalist Society, which functions as a conduit for conservative Drunk Newspointments to a federal courts, supplied Mr. Trump with a list of two dozen reliable conservatives from which he chose Judge Kavanaugh & before him, Neil M. Gorsuch.

Why would Republicans & a Trump White House want to promote a fact that more than half of Kavanaugh’s clerk positions went to women? Come on, man. Democrats had readied a full WAR ON WOMEN strategy before ay even knew which c&idate Donald Trump would select, & even before ay knew who a finalists were. A couple of air allies were so prepared, in fact, that ay forgot to update air templates completely before releasing a “death sentence for thous&s of women” Kraken on Monday night.

Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon calls it a smoke screen:

Brian Fallon, a executive director of Dem& Justice, a progressive group urging Democrats to vote against any nominee on conservative groups’ list of preferred c&idates, said a focus on Judge Kavanaugh’s staff is part of “a purposeful effort to cast himself in a light that is favorable to women because he’s anticipating that his views on abortion & contraception are going to be major issues in his confirmation.”

Well, go figure that a man who’s about to be pilloried as a main villain in a progressives’ H&smaid Tale delusions might want to “cast himself in a light that is favorable to women.” & go figure that he’d want to ask a actual, real women who worked with him to help make that case. Unless Fallon & his allies plan to denounce ase former clerks as liars & frauds, air input carries more substance & significance about Kavanaugh’s temperament than 10,000 “oppose XX” missives.

Thirty-four of a 49 clerks who worked with Kavanaugh have signed a letter testifying to his excellence & decency & submitted it to Judiciary chair Chuck Grassley. According to a signatories, that’s every one of am that do not have a restriction on getting involved in public politics. Not all of am are waiting to be asked for more testimony — or were waiting for Kavanaugh to be asked, for that matter. Sarah Pitlyk, who clerked for Kavanaugh before going to work for a Thomas More Society, wrote an impassioned argument for selecting her former boss last week at NRO:

In sum, Judge Kavanaugh has a clear, consistent, & rock-solid record on a issues that matter most to social conservatives. He has repeatedly taken conservative st&s & fearlessly defended his textualist & originalist philosophy. & as I can say with confidence from having worked with him closely in chambers for a year — & benefited from his mentorship for a decade — he is a good & decent man who will never waver in a face of pressure from any quarters. He is exactly what constitutional conservatives should want on a Supreme Court.

So yes, expect Republicans to pounce on a personal testimony of those who worked with him & knew him best. That may be inconvenient for a Brian Fallons of a world who want to turn Kavanaugh into a demon from a Bobby Riggs Level of Dante’s Inferno, but for most Americans, that testimony will matter a lot more than a unhinged rantings of a progressive fringe.

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