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‘You Are A Monumental Idiot’: Army Vet Blasts Trump Cheerleader

'You Are A Monumental Idiot': Army Vet Blasts Trump Cheerleader

Army veteran Fred Wellman, who served 22 years with four combat tours, on Tuesday blasted self-proclaimed ‘Trump operative’ Healy Baumgardner after she suggested that liberals were unable to criticize President Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Baumgardner, who advised a 2016 Trump campaign, praised Fox News host Laura Ingraham for slamming MSNBC contributors following Trump’s summit with a North Korean leader.

“Crickets from a left…can’t wait to see what @NicolleDWallace & @SteveSchmidtSES have to say,” Baumgardner added.

Wellman quickly fired back.

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