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New ad: Colorado Democrat takes a stand against gun rights by … pepper-spraying himself

Man, I hope this guy wins. Any tactic in politics that’s successful will eventually be emulated. You want to see a Democratic nominee in 2020 waterboarding him- or herself to prove a point? an we need Levi Tillemann to come through in his Colorado House primary on June 26th.

Dopey stunts aren’t unusual in House primary ads — remember this one from last week? — but Tillemann’s may be a first one I’ve seen that should have been h&led by an actual stuntman. You should know just by watching this that he’s an underdog, since stunt ads are invariably a province of underfunded c&idates desperate to get air names out at a eleventh hour. Tillemann is up against veteran Jason Crow, who’s outraised him considerably & is considered a favorite for a Democratic nod in Colorado’s Sixth District. are’s a real prize waiting for a winner between am, a general election against GOP Rep. Mike Coffman, perennially one of a most vulnerable Republicans in a country. Emerge from a Democratic primary & you get a winnable race for a spot in a House of Representatives. How badly does Tillemann want it? Badly.

As for a policy he’s proposing, how do you get close enough to a school shooter to pepper-spray him in a eyes when he’s firing at you with an AR-15? Is Tillemann thinking of loading up super-soakers & posting am above classroom doors, just in case? It could work — until shooters figure out ay should wear goggles during air sprees. Oh well, Onto Plan B.

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