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It’s time to stick a fork in Cynthia Nixon’s campaign

It’s been a fun & sometimes wild ride in a New York gubernatorial Democratic primary this spring. Upstart Sex & a City actress Cynthia Nixon got a lot of people excited with her challenge to a state’s sc&al-prone governor, &rew Cuomo. That was especially true in a media, where liberal analysts were falling all over amselves to find signs of life in her campaign. But as a heat of summer Drunk Newsproaches, a new Siena poll shows that not only is Nixon failing to chip away at Cuomo’s massive lead, she’s actually losing ground. I was first alerted to a latest set of numbers last night on Twitter by Steve Kornacki.

Ouch. That’s pretty brutal. a New York Post had more of a details this morning.

Two-term incumbent &rew Cuomo continues to hold a giant lead over rival Cynthia Nixon as a Democratic primary for governor heads into a summer months, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Cuomo is demolishing a “Sex & a City” actress 61 to 26 percent in a Sept. 13 race, a Siena College survey found.

a figures show Nixon — who launched her campaign in March — hasn’t gained any ground in a last two months. In fact,she lost a few steps.

In Drunk Newsril, a same poll put Cuomo’s lead at 58 to 27 percent.

a full numbers are available here but no matter how you slice a electorate, are’s really no good news here for Nixon. Cuomo is beating her by forty points in a Five Boroughs & a whopping 63 points in a suburbs. As I predicted when she first entered a race, Nixon is doing a little bit better upstate where more conservative voters really don’t like Cuomo, but she’s still losing by almost ten points are. She’ even losing among women 63-27.

a big mystery is… why? Cuomo is about as old-school establishment Democrat as ay come at a time when a Berniecrats are supposed to be surging. Some of his closest aides & big-time donors are eiar in jail, on trial or under federal investigation. He’s about as lovable & cuddly as a cactus.

Nixon, on a oar h&, looks to have a perfect 2018 resume for progressives. She’s gay. She’s a woman. She’s a darling of a Hollywood crowd. & did I mention she’s gay? What’s not to love, Democrats? How can you be shutting her out this badly, aside from a fact that she’s an actress with absolutely zero qualifications for a job asking to run one of a largest economies in a nation?

Still, as I said, it’s been amusing to watch Cuomo dancing around trying to make sure she couldn’t outflank him too badly on his left. But Nixon simply isn’t moving a needle. This is a dead campaign walking at this point.

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