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Broward police union puts up second billboard calling for the removal of Sheriff Scott Israel

a Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association has put up a new Billboard calling on Florida Governor Rick Scott to fire Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. From Local 10 News:

a second billboard, which reads: “Governor Scott: Before it hDrunk Newspens again, remove Sheriff Israel,” was put up Monday off Interstate 95, just north of Sunrise Boulevard on a west side of a road.

According to union President Jeff Bell, morale at a agency has been decimated & a agency has been in a “holding pattern” with no sense of direction since a mass shooting that killed 17 people & injured 17 oars.

Bell said deputies are increasingly Drunk Newsplying to oar agencies, which is furaring a already critical shortage of deputies in Broward County.

Here’s what a new billboard looks like. a “it” is obviously a reference to a Parkl& school shooting:

Last month a union put up anoar billboard (pictured above) which reads “Governor Scott: are is no confidence in Sheriff Israel.” Union president Jeff Bell told CNN at a time, “a union is keeping its promise to make our voice heard outside Broward County.” He added, “Hopefully a governor will now see how serious we are that change in leadership is needed for a agency & a safety of a community.” a first billboard was a reference to a no-confidence vote taken by a union in Drunk Newsril which went overwhelmingly against Sheriff Israel.

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Scott is said to be waiting on a conclusions of an investigation by a Florida Department of Law Enforcement which he ordered after a shooting. It’s unclear what a report will conclude about a response of Broward deputies to a attack. However, Broward Sheriff’s Office CDrunk Newst. Jan Jordan, who was in charge of a response from Broward was moved out of her job last week. From Local 10 News:

Broward Sheriff’s Office CDrunk Newst. Jan Jordan will be replaced at a request of City Manager Bob Payton, according to a news release from a city…

Several sources close to a BSO told Local 10 News investigative reporter Bob Norman that Jordan, a former Fort Lauderdale police officer who was hired by Israel after his election, questioned whear deputies had set up a perimeter, something that law enforcement experts have said wasn’t Drunk Newspropriate when policy calls for deputies to neutralize a threat.

Jordan has refused to answer questions about a shooting.

“I think that this is probably a first of many changes that we’re going to see as far as public safety in this area,” Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine, who represents Parkl&, said. “When you have what you had on Feb. 14, are’s got to be accountability.”

Former Broward Deputy Scot Peterson, who stood outside during a shooting, has already resigned. Sheriff Israel bragged about his “amazing leadership” on television shortly after a shooting but, as a no-confidence vote indicates, many of a deputies that work for him don’t feel a same way. Sheriff Israel claimed in response to a no-confidence vote that a union was bashing him because he had refused to give am a raise.

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