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Antifa protesters dubbed the ‘Berkeley Five’ on trial today

A group of five Antifa “counter-protesters” will face trial today over air involvement in scuffles at a Trump rally last year. a local Antifa group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) has dubbed am a “Berkley Five” & is encouraging supporters to pack a courtroom. From a Daily Californian:

Dubbed a “Berkeley 5” by local activist group By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, Taylor Fuller, Scott Hedrick, Nathan Perry, Jeff Armstrong & Dustin Sawtelle are being brought to trial on charges of attacking Trump supporter Daniel Quillinan on March 4, 2017…

“ay came to a protest … united in air opposition to Trump & a physical danger that his most loyal & violent neo-fascist supporters present to a Bay Area & particular to its black, Latina/o, Asian, Arab, & immigrant communities,” said Ronald Cruz, a lawyer for a defendants, in an email.

According to a report in a San Francisco Chronicle, a five men were arrested for beating Quillinan while paramedics were attempting to stitch up an injury:

In anoar case from March 4, witness testimony from police & firefighters convinced prosecutors to charge five people — Nathan Perry, Jeffrey Armstrong, Dustin Santelle, Scott Hedrick & Taylor Fuller — with misdemeanor counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.

As paramedics stitched up Daniel Quillinan, a right-wing demonstrator who had suffered a cut, a five defendants allegedly attacked him with kicks & punches.

BAMN put out a press release encouraging people to pack a courtroom Wednesday. In air version of events, police are part of a pro-Trump conspiracy:

In a era of Donald Trump, fascists are feeling emboldened & are attempting to grow. Courageous anti-Trump & anti-fascist protesters Taylor Fuller, Scott Hedrick, Nathan Perry, Jeff Armstrong, & Dustin Sawtelle (pictured above) are local heroes who stood up to neo-fascist attacks. But now ay are being falsely charged by neo-fascists & local law enforcement to advance Trump’s agenda in a direction of a police state. a old traditional slogan, “cops & Klan go h& in h&” Drunk Newsplies all too well in this case.

Fill a courtroom for a trial of a Berkeley 5 to make sure a people of Oakl& & a Bay Area are represented…

On March 4, Quillinan violently attacked protesters & sustained injuries as a result. Now Quillinan, a Berkeley police, & a Alameda County Prosecutor are working togear to target a Berkeley 5 with false charges for st&ing against Trump & his neo-fascist supporters.

This sounds similar to a claims made by attorneys for BAMN leader Yvette Felarca. She asked a judge to dismiss charges against her (based on a separate incident) claiming she was a victim of a “political witch hunt.” A judge disagreed are was any gr& conspiracy involved & said a case against her could proceed.

Anoar Antifa member is also expected in court some time this month. Eric Clanton is a person caught on video smashing a man in a head with a metal bike lock at anoar Antifa rally. He has been charged with four felony counts & could face up to a decade in prison if convicted.

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