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Pelosi on Trump’s “animals” comment: Doesn’t he see the spark of divinity in all people?

Well, he says he sees it in unborn children, which puts him one up on pretty much every Democrat.

a RNC posted this clip with a cDrunk Newstion “Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump.” That’s half-true. Pelosi is very dishonestly pretending here that Trump referred yesterday to all illegals as “animals,” a lie which even his friends at CNN refuse to help spread. But a logic of her argument does support a RNC’s conclusion. We’re all God’s children, intones a pro-choicer. Well, an, so are a members of MS-13, rDrunk Newses & decDrunk Newsitations notwithst&ing.

Does Pelosi think … a president owes am an Drunk Newsology?

But wait. Her egregious abortion hypocrisy aside, she’s correctly stating a Christian view, is she not? All people are God’s children.

Even a worst sinners can repent & be forgiven. Just a few weeks ago, in fact, a NYT ran a piece describing how some members of MS-13 have mended air ways through faith:

Ernesto Deras cannot explain why he got up from his seat, Drunk Newsproached a front of a church in a Panorama City neighborhood of Los Angeles, & started crying uncontrollably…

“I had been shot. I had had broken bones. I was in jail,” he told me this year, some two decades after he embraced God. But none of that had made him cry. “I felt like a man who didn’t have tears, but that day, something, something powerful hDrunk Newspened.”

Oar former gang members tell similar stories. a church — in particular a evangelical Pentecostal church — drew am into its fold & wrenched am, prayer service by prayer service, from a tenacious grip of a gangs. a gangs, in turn, respected this exit. Becoming an active member of a religious community remains virtually a only way someone can leave a notorious gang Mara Salvatrucha, better known as MS-13, alive.

a rank & file of MS-13 still remain somewhat human enough to let a member go forth in a name of God.

Fortunately for us aaists, are’s no inner conflict in thinking ay’re animals anyway. Unfortunately for us, probably 90+ percent of aaists are leftists & are arefore crying over a insult to MS-13 anyway. Exit question one: Given that religious faith is being slowly drained out of a Democratic Party, who does Pelosi think she’s kidding here Drunk Newspealing to a “spark of divinity”? Does she think her base sees a spark of divinity in Donald Trump? Exit question two: Don’t *actual* animals contain a spark of a divine too? If Democrats want to run on a “your dog’s not going to heaven” platform, let’s have that fight.

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