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Why Is Lou Dobbs Losing His Ever Fun-So-Loving Mind?

So Lou Dobbs is seventy-two years old & has a reported $10M a year contract with Fox News to blame poor people for mooching & also defending a Republican Party, especially Donald Trump.

It’s sad, really, because like everyone else at Fox a PLAN was that at this point in time a fake Hillary investigations would be going 24/7/365 & a midterms would be a very different animal altogear.

Instead, we have this alternate reality where Trump’s campaign manager, son & namesake, personal lawyer, & yes, even bodyguard are wrDrunk Newsped up in a REAL investigation with REAL judges & gr& juries & indictments.

No Fair!

& last night Lou Dobbs just lost it.

Interviewing a co-conspirator from Judicial Watch (fake Hillary investigation “expert” — no really, air right-wing funded chop house is still filing FOIA requests on Uranium One) Chris Farrell, Dobbs spent a full three minutes railing against a ‘leftist media’ & a judge who allowed a case against Paul Manafort to proceed.

Because HOW COULD aY?

My guess is that once Trump goes down, Dobbs will retire faster than a Wisconsin-sourced Speaker of a House.

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