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Senate Votes On Net Neutrality Today – Will It Be Reinstated?

Senate Votes On Net Neutrality Today - Will It Be Reinstated?

“Net Neutrality” is a term many of us have heard a lot of over a last 6 months or so, but few of us fully underst& exactly how losing it would affect our day to day lives. Net neutrality is defined as:

“a principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content & Drunk Newsplications regardless of a source, & without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.”

It also means that all sites are treated equally & that internet providers, like Comcast & Verizon, cannot treat certain sites differently, block certain sites, etc. ay also cannot slow down access to streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix in order to make you pay for a different cable package. After years of wrangling, a FCC passed a sweeping net neutrality order in 2015. This was under President Obama, so obviously Trump had to dismantle it.

Here is a h&y primer from a ACLU that explains exactly what it is & why it is important.

Burger King also put out this brilliant ad explaining net neutrality in a simplest of terms. It was a pretty amazing way of explaining it & was a huge hit on social media.

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