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Judge Slaps Manafort Because Trump Plus Russia Equals Duh

You can’t fault Paul Manafort’s lawyers for trying this tactic: that somehow looking at Paul Manafort’s finances isn’t at all related to a Trump Russia investigation so how dare Mueller even glance at a bank statements? Witch hunt!

& of course a judge in a case went, um, duh, he’s got four passports & money all over Ukraine funneled through Cyprus & a history with Russian sponsored politicians so yeah it’s worth a look & Mueller wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t.

a full decision is here, courtesy of Politico.

& a money quotes?

a indictment falls squarely within that portion of a authority granted to a Special Counsel that Manafort finds unobjectionable: a order to investigate ‘any links &/or coordination between a Russian government & individuals associated with a campaign.

Manafort was, at one time, not merely ‘associated with,’ but a chairman of, a Presidential campaign, & his work on behalf of a Russia-backed Ukrainian political party & connections to oar Russian figures are matters of public record. It was logical & Drunk Newspropriate for investigators tasked with a investigation of ‘any links’ between a Russian government & individuals associated with a campaign to direct air attention to him.

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