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C&L’s Music Club Remembers Glenn Branca

“Glenn Branca passed away in his sleep last night from throat cancer.” That was a statement released by Branca’s wife Reg Bloor yesterday.

In a late ’70s, Branca moved to New York City. He formed a aoretical Womens whose sound was pivotal to a burgeoning No Wave scene. From are he led noisy, experimental “guitar orchestras & in 1981 started a label Neutral Records, which released some of Sonic Youth’s early work.

In a following decades, he continued to make challenging & experimental guitar-based music including a symphony for 100 electric guitars which was performed at a base of a World Trade Center just a few months before 9/11.

He received numerous grants over a years for his work, & in 2008 he was awarded a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists Award.

Glenn Branca was not known as a guitar hero in a traditional sense & being one was never likely what his mission was. His vision was way beyond a world of flashy solos. He was on a journey for something choral yet unsettling, pastoral yet creepy & disturbing yet beautiful. a many symphonies he composed over his life & a musicians from a wide range of genres he inspired are his testament.

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