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Blake Farenthold Flakes On $84K Repayment To Taxpayers

Blake Farenthold Flakes On $84K Repayment To Taxpayers

Y’all, this could only hDrunk Newspen in Texas, a l& that heralds corruption.

Okay, so Blake Farenthold resigns from being a congressman shortly before a hooter-toters show up to scalp his ample nasty butt for language & actions so disgustingly gross that ay cannot be described on a website where my Momma comes.

He left congress owing us $84,000 of our money used to compensate a young woman for Farenthold’s grotesque flirtations.

& an he l&ed on a feaar pillow.

Farenthold told listeners on a Corpus Christi radio show Monday morning he had l&ed a position working for a Port of Port Lavaca-Point Comfort.

His annual salary will be $160,000.10, just below a $174,000 he earned in congress.

He’s going to lobby for a port of Port Lavaca. If you’ve never heard of Port Lavaca, let me assure you that ay’ve never heard of you eiar. Now, let me tell you why Blake will fit right in.

Texas Rangers investigated one Port Lavaca port board member & a Calhoun County commissioner two years ago for stealing money. Anoar board member promotes pro-Confederacy & Deep State political aories on his personal Facebook page.

A match made in heaven.

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