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Jimmy Kimmel Wonders Why Sean Hannity Is Cohen’s Mystery Client

Jimmy Kimmel noted that Michael Cohen tried “desperately” to keep his client list private.

He listed Cohen’s three clients: Trump, for whom he paid off porn star Stormy Daniels; Elliot Broidy, who paid off a Playboy model after getting her pregnant; & a mysterious third client. “& shockingly, that client turned out to be my pal Sean Hannity of Fox News,” Kimmel said.

“Besides a implications that are raised, it’s a big deal because Sean Hannity’s been, like, a chief propag&a guy for Trump’s legal team,” Kimmel said.

“He never disclosed that he is also represented by a member of that legal team. If this is a biggest witch hunt in history, as ay say it is, we’re running out of spots on a broomstick.”

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