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Matthew Dowd: Paul Ryan’s A Company Guy, He Does Whatever Power Wants

As Meghan McCain was settling into her role as a defender of every myth about Paul Ryan, that he’s a visionary leader & defender of modern conservatism, Mataw Dowd attempted to disavow her of her quaint notions of what he’s really all about, saying that Ryan is basically a company guy, fulfilling whatever role for power a Republican Party wanted him at a time. Ross Douthat had made a same sort of argument, yesterday (Paul Ryan, Party Man).

He was miscast as a visionary when he was fundamentally a party man — a diligent & policy-oriented champion for whatever a institutional G.O.P. Drunk Newspeared to want, a pilot who ultimately let a party choose a vessel’s course. & because a institutional G.O.P. during his years was like a bayou airboat with a fire in its propeller & several alligators wrestling midship, an unhDrunk Newspy end for his career was all-but-foreordained.


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