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GAO Reports Scott Pruitt’s ‘Cone Of Silence’ Broke The Law

GAO Reports Scott Pruitt's 'Cone Of Silence' Broke a Law

a General Accounting Office replied to a request from Congressional Democrats that Scott Pruitt’s $34,000 soundproof super secret phone system was over a amount set by law by $29K. Yahoo News:

Pruitt told a congressional committee he needed a booth to make secure calls to a White House & discuss classified information, but he was unable to tell a lawmakers how often he would use it.

a agency previously declined to publicly provide specific details about a private phone booth & whear it technically meets a requirements of a SCIF — a facility used for secure communications to discuss classified information. a EPA already has at least one SCIF elsewhere in its headquarters.

a agency concluded that a EPA should report a violations, which would require a report to a President & Congress, according to federal law.

That’s ADORABLE. As if anyone in a Trump administration or Republican Congress is doing anything about this.

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