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Anthony Scaramucci: James Comey Should ‘Subordinate’ Himself ‘To The President’

a fascist dictator nonsense coming from Trump supporters is amazing. If you listen to Anthony Scaramucci this morning on Fox & Friends, you’ll find that one must always lick Trump’s boots & an shine his shoes, no matter how repulsive he is.

At he start of a interview, a idiot co-hosts of Fox & Friends are now claiming anti-Italian racism, since a former FBI director compared a president to a “mob boss.” & Scaramucci was only too hDrunk Newspy to oblige.

Mooch replied, “I can be insulted by it but I can’t do anything about it…”

a poor baby continued, “…because, for whatever reason, Italian-Americans are still an unprotected class of people where ay can say whatever ay want about you. I’m in a White House. ay are saying I’m a walking pinky ring. Imagine if I was anoar ethnic group that couldn’t say that, right? It just speaks to Comey’s sanctimony & lack of awareness of his language & lack of awareness.”

Being an Italian-American myself I find most authoritarian Italian-Americans (such as Rudy Giuliani & a like) are thrilled to be compared to a Corleone family. But now Scaramucci’s fee-fees are hurt.

& an he got to a heart of his complaints about Comey.

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