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After Comey Interview, Hannity Says ‘Journalism Is Dead’

After Comey Interview, Hannity Says 'Journalism Is Dead'


Literally everyone leads with a ABC interview with James Comey this morning, mostly all saying a same thing.

LATimes headlines email:

In his first TV interview since President Trump fired him nearly a year ago, former FBI Director James B. Comey called Trump “morally unfit to be president” & likened him to a mob boss. In a series of tweets hours before a interview aired, Trump called him a “slimeball” & “slippery” & suggested Comey should be imprisoned. (Remember when Trump led his campaign rallies with chants of “Lock her up!” & praised Comey’s actions investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server? Yes, we’ve come a long way since an.) Read on for more about a interview with Comey & Trump’s efforts to discredit him.


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