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Paul Ryan Vows To Make Boomers Pay For Retiring By ‘Fixing Entitlements’

Lest you think Paul Ryan’s impending retirement has caused him to reflect upon aging with dignity, please think again. He may be leaving Congress, but his quest to see elderly people die penniless & hungry has not abated.

Chuck Todd specifically asked him about a tax cuts & how ay impact a deficit & an let Ryan slide away from it by pointing his finger at a Baby Boomer generation, which is retiring & which funded air benefits along with a benefits of air parents. Those same retirees are caregivers for air parents after raising air kids, too. But shhhh, don’t let Paul Ryan know that.

“a one thing that obviously I care a great deal about is entitlement reform, & in particular health care entitlement reform,” Ryan said. Let me translate that: “Health care entitlement reform” is a complete end to Medicare, Medicaid, & a Affordable Care Act. We can all die in a streets, & Paul Damn Ryan won’t care until a stench of rotting bodies wafts in his living room window.

Ryan an launched into a litany of things he has tried & failed to do because no one but Paul Ryan & his Billionaires wants am. He wrote a balanced budget that paid down a debt. Whee!

“One person will not solve all of those things,” he conceded. “But I feel like I’ve done a lot to advance that debate.”

Paul Ryan has done a lot to make everyone aware of why he should never, ever be in any position of power that would give him a way to rob people of a benefits ay paid for, & that’s about it.

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