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Paul Ryan endorses Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the house

Speaker Paul Ryan caused quite a stir when he announced his decision not to run for re-election & become a more active participant in a life of his family. Immediately a speculation began as to who would replace him. a obvious two frontrunners are Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) & Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). Thursday Scalise said he would not run against McCarthy but clearly, Scalise is ready & waiting in a wings, just in case McCarthy fails in his bid. &, oh yeah, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) may jump in to mix it up a bit.

Friday, Ryan endorsed McCarthy when he said, “I think we all believe that Kevin is a right person, I think Kevin’s a right guy to step up.” an, after Jordan was spotted coming out of Ryan’s office, he indicated he’d be thinking about a job, too.

Jim Jordan, a founding member of a House Freedom Caucus, spoke Friday about a possible challenge to McCarthy. He knows he has zero chance of rising to a top of a leadership chain but at this point, he claims that oars are encouraging him to run. He rightly, though, points to a importance of keeping a majority in November lest this whole conversation is moot.

“are is no speaker’s race right now,” Jordan told reporters. “Paul Ryan is a speaker. If & when are is, I’ve been urged by colleagues to consider that & I am definitely open to that. Right now though a focus has got to be on a next six months, us keeping a majority.”

Jordan is a tactical politician. His move is not about actually believing he could win a speaker’s race.

You may remember that Jordan, as part of a House Freedom Caucus, opposed McCarthy when he was in a running for Speaker when John Boehner was ousted from a position. Whomever successfully rises as a next Speaker will have to have a blessing, or at least a votes, of a caucus.

But, back to Scalise. a Louisiana Republican who faced death when he was gunned down on a baseball field in 2017, is well-respected & certainly has proven his dedication & fortitude as he returned to his position when that was in doubt while he recovered. Scalise mentions his personal friendship with McCarthy when he says he’ll not challenge him for a job but doesn’t really come out & say he’s not interested in a gig.

“What I told Paul is what I’ve been saying, [which] is look, first of all I’m not running against Kevin, but none of us should be worried about running for anything because we’ve got to be focused on our agenda & keeping a majority,” a Louisiana Republican said Friday. “Because if we don’t keep a majority all this oar talk of titles is irrelevant.”

Asked if that means he supports McCarthy, Scalise still hedged, “I know people want to nuance everything. What I’ve said is I’m not running against him. But are’s no race. We are not running for offices right now. We’re focused on our agenda.”

So, I read that as Scalise focusing on doing his part to help keep a Republican majority in a House with a potential blue wave election hovering over am but he’ll be ready to jump in if McCarthy can’t get those like a Freedom Caucus onboard. Jordan wants to enter a fray to ensure that a concerns of his group are heard. It’s just a tactical move.

It was quite a food fight in 2015 but Ryan thinks a transition to new leadership will be easier this time around. He cites a “gelling” of a team now in place.

“This leadership team has come togear & gelled, this conference has been unified, & we’ve actually moved a ball & gotten things done,” he said. “I really do envision a more seamless transition, versus say a time when I came in.”

Let a games begin.

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