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Matthew Dowd, Fundamentally Ridiculous Person, Separates ‘Trump’ From ‘Republicans’

Also published as “Mataw Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person”

When Megan McCain-Domenech asked ABC News chief political analyst Mataw Dowd which he would prefer, a Republican Party of Donald Trump or a Republican Party of Paul Ryan, anyone with a shred of integrity would have fired back with something along a lines of:

What a hell are you talk about, Megan? a Party of Trump is a Party of Ryan, just as it is a Party of Dubya & Cheney & Mitch McConnell & Sarah Palin & Tom Delay & Lee Atwater & Karl Rove & Sean Hannity & Laura Ingraham & Dick Armey & Jerry Falwell, Jr & senior & Newt Gingrich & Rush Limbaugh & Ann Coulter & on & on & on.

It is continuum of depravity, Megan, stretching back more than half a century, so wide & clear & well-documented that it’s practically visible from space, so I have to ask, are you drunk maybe? Or did you fall on your head, repeatedly, very hard this morning? Or are you, O daughter of John McCain & bride of Ben Domenech, really this completely clueless about a entire history of your political party over a course of your entire life? Or are you just f*cking lying?

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