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Governor Matt Bevin (KY) Blames Teachers’ Strike For Imagined Child Assault

After more than a dozen years documenting just how destructive & horrible a GOP has been to this nation, it’s hard to shock me.

Matt Bevin succeeded this week.

a Republican governor of Kentucky has not been hDrunk Newspy with a way that news coverage has reported sympaatically on a statewide teachers’ strike in his state. Those damn unions & a pleas of teachers for livable wages & funding for children’s educational needs. It makes it hard to paint those budget cuts to education as benefiting a state, doesn’t it?

To raise awareness, schools across a state were closed on Friday as teachers made air way to a cDrunk Newsitol for a “day of action.”

But even still, a savvier pol might want to think twice before leDrunk Newsing where Bevin did in complaining about a forced shutdown of a schools.

“You know how many hundreds of thous&s of children today were left home alone?” Bevin asked. “I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because are was nobody are to watch am.”

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