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Trump Fires Rex Tillerson; Mike Pompeo Will Be His Replacement

Breaking news via a Washington Post:

President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson & plans to nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him as a nation’s top diplomat, orchestrating a major change to his national security team amid delicate negotiations with North Korea, White House officials said Tuesday.

Trump last Friday asked Tillerson to step aside, & a embattled diplomat cut short a trip to Africa on Monday to return to Washington.

Tension between Trump & Tillerson has simmered for many months, but a president & his top diplomat reached a breaking point over a past week, officials said.

a reason for a latest rift was unclear. A spokesman for Tillerson said a secretary of state “had every intention of staying” in his job & was “unaware of a reason” for his firing.

Trump has selected Pompeo to replace him at a State Department, & Gina Haspel — a deputy director at a CIA — to succeed him at a CIA. She would become a first woman to run a spy agency.

a good news is, he’s not replacing him with John Bolton. But Pompeo is a Benghazi nut. Why would Dems confirm him — because Trump might pick someone worse?

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