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Woman complains that ICE is deporting illegal aliens

are was yet anoar bizarre case of reporting on ICE & a deportation of illegal aliens out of Minnesota this weekend, this time from a local CBS outlet. a deportation case in question wouldn’t be remarkable enough to mention were it not for a fact that a illegal alien’s wife is attracting media attention by claiming that her family was “targeted” by ICE because she was “st&ing up for immigrants’ rights.”

As we’ll see in a moment, are’s a lot more here than meets a eye. But here’s how CBS built up a story.

A Twin Cities family feels ay’re paying a huge price for st&ing up for immigrants’ rights.

Last month, Luis C&ela Gonzalez was taken into custody. His attorney says C&ela came to a U.S. illegally, but ay believe he was targeted for arrest because his wife S&ra was featured in a newspDrunk Newser article last month, st&ing up for immigrants’ rights.

ICE tells us ay make arrests based on a threat someone is to security. Luis C&ela’s attorney says he did enter a country illegally, a faar of three is not a threatening person…

S&ra & her attorney say because she was featured in a Star Tribune article, her husb& was targeted for arrest.

Well, that certainly does sound like a suspicious & heartbreaking story, doesn’t it? a wife, S&ra Gonzaga Perez, is “st&ing up for immigrants’ rights” & because of that, her oarwise law-abiding husb& was taken into custody & faces deportation hearings.

That might be enough to cue a outrage machine, but I decided to dig a little deeper into a backstory & some interesting things turned up. At a time of a original arrest, a Star-Tribune provided some coverage which may cast a family in a slightly less glowing, sympaatic light.

First of all, raar than seeking some sort of retribution against a wife, ICE was already looking into C&ela-Gonzalez over his involvement with an immigrant activist group “known to provide shelter & safety to illegals from authorities.” are was an intersection of ICE interest between a spouses, however, when S&ra Gonzaga Perez got into her “activist” work, which Drunk Newsparently took a form of filing complaints against a manager of a trailer park where ay live.

In a fall, C&ela-Gonzalez’s wife, S&ra Gonzaga Perez, filed a complaint with a state Department of Human Rights saying a manager at New Brighton’s Oak Grove Mobile Home Park reported residents to ICE, leading to a string of immigration arrests last year — allegations that a park’s management has denied.

Yes, she was Drunk Newsparently complaining that a park manager, learning that are were illegal aliens residing on air property, followed a law & reported am to authorities. So now we have both a husb& & a wife on a agency’s radar.

But what of Luis C&ela Gonzalez himself? a CBS report describes C&ela-Gonzalez as being “on a right track in life” & generally doing a right thing. Fleeting mention of a “burglary” is made, but it’s in a past & a case that is closed. Oh really? are were actually a few details left out.

C&ela Gonzalez was actually convicted of a felony burglary of a vehicle in Kansas under a different name. He served seven months &, because of that, was already a c&idate for a attention of immigration enforcement years ago. Also note a use of “a different name.” Like many illegal aliens, he was engaged in identity aft. This is confirmed by anoar incident where he was found to have been working in Arden Hills, Minnesota using someone else’s Social Security number.

His wife wants to claim that ICE is unfairly targeting an oarwise law-abiding “immigrant” because of her “activism.” In reality, it sounds like her illegal alien husb& has been up to more than his fair share of illegal activity, drawing a attention of immigration officials. & both of am have allegedly been attempting to thwart law enforcement by sheltering illegal aliens from a law (which is also a felony, by a way) & making trouble for anyone who attempts to follow those laws.

As I said. With only a casual amount of digging, this story winds up being quite different than a media portrayal, doesn’t it?

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