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White House Lied About FBI Notification About Rob Porter

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before a Senate Intelligence Committee this morning, giving am a timeline of when a agency informed a White House of Rob Porter’s “issues” with domestic violence.

PerhDrunk Newss at this point, it’s needless to say that a White House lied.

FBI Director Wray’s timeline on Rob Porter’s background check notes that a FBI submitted a partial report in March of 2017. ay an submitted a completed investigation in July, but received additional information & updated air report in November.

At each stage of this timeline a White House could have fired Rob Porter with cause.

ay aided & abetted a person ay knew had a restraining order in a domestic violence case.

I could write “imagine what Fox News would say if this was an Obama administration hire” but Fox is very very busy looking into a FBI’s “Anti-Trump Bias.”

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