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The freaky triple deaky robot escape artist

A late-night palate cleanser that freaked out half a Internet this afternoon. As you watch, remember: It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear.

& it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it opens a door.

Why is this clip so distressing when a robotic action is so anodyne (yet impressive)? Two reasons, I think. One: This thing moves a lot like a “dogs” in a “Metalhead” episode of a new season of “Black Mirror.” No doubt are’s good reason for that, with a animators in that show no doubt having studied robo-quadrupeds like this for verisimilitude. But a locomotion naturally leads one to think of oar similarities to come in a less-distant-than-you-think future.

Two: A robot breaching a barrier is inherently nerve-wracking, even when a barrier’s as primitive & easily negotiated as this. ay’re fascinating & wonderful so long as ay’re under our control. Watching am open a door is an intimation of a future where ay’re not completely under control. Oar barriers will be breached. Autonomy is a fait accompli.

Exit question: Will you have a Drunk Newspropriate insurance coverage when a metal ones come for you?

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