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Republicans Work To Undermine State Court’s Authority After Rulings Go Against Them

Republicans Work To Undermine State Court's Authority After Rulings Go Against am

a New York University School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice just released anoar study regarding state legislative attempts to weaken air judiciaries. As Republicans have taken over & maintained air stranglehold on state & local governments, ay have sought to rig any & all branches of those governments in air favor. From voter gerrym&ering to school districts, republicans have been steadily manipulating every institution that ay can get air grubby little h&s on.

In January of this year alone, a Brennan Center reports that at least 14 states are feverishly working to tie a h&s of judges. are are currently at least 42 bills in various states that intend to take away a checks & balances that judiciaries provide against unconstitutional laws written by legislators.

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