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Memo To Blake Farenthold: Hey Ducky Boy, Pay The Hell Up!

Memo To Blake Farenthold:  Hey Ducky Boy, Pay a Hell Up!

Texas Republican Congresscreep Blake Farenthold said he would repay a $84,000 he owes us that he spent paying off a victim of his haute couture artisan creepiness.

He said he would & everybody heard it.

Now he looking for a way to cha-cha out of it. He claims to be waiting for some proposed ethics bill to pass congress. a bill has nothing to do with his aft of our money or his promise to repay it. He’s just being creepy.

I do not for a life of me underst& why he’s still in congress & Al Franken isn’t. Farenthold has been accused of far, far worse.

You can hound him in a comment sections of his Facebook page. Snark at him on Twitter. Call his office on Corpus at 361-884-2222. You want your money back.

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