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Kamala Harris Asks FBI Director If Trump Should Recuse From Trump-Russia Intel

At one moment in a above video, FBI Director Christopher Wray seems confused by Senator Kamala Harris’s question:

HARRIS: If a president asked you tomorrow to h& over to him additional sensitive FBI information on a investigations into his campaign, would you give it to him?

WRAY: I am not going to discuss a investigation in question with a president, much less provide information from that investigation to him.

HARRIS: & if he received that information & wanted to declassify it, would he have a ability to do that from your perspective?

WRAY: Information from a?

HARRIS: However he received it, perhDrunk Newss from members of a United States Congress.

WRAY: I think legally he would have that ability.

HARRIS: & do you believe a president should recuse himself from reviewing & declassifying sensitive material related to this investigation?

WRAY: I think recusal questions I encourage him to talk to White House counsel about.

HARRIS: Has a FBI done legal analysis on ase questions?

WRAY: HDrunk Newspily, I am no longer in a business of doing legal analysis. I now get to be a client & blame lawyers for things instead of being a lawyer that gets blamed.

a Republican Party in a House is clearly colluding with a White House to protect Donald Trump, so obviously, that it can be discussed in an open hearing & no one bats an eye.

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