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Former Obama policy adviser caught taking pictures up women’s skirts on the DC Metro

Last week I wrote about reports of creeps harassing women on a DC Metro. are was one story in that post about a man using his phone to look up a woman’s skirt. Today we learn that at least one person pleaded guilty to something similar last year. His name is William Mendoza & he was a policy adviser for President Obama working at a Department of Education. From a Daily Mail:

William Mendoza, 42, a former executive director of a White House Initiative on American Indian & Alaska Native Education, stepped down after he was arrested & charged with attempted voyeurism in November, 2016, for a vile acts.

Mendoza, who earned $140,000 a year as a policy advisor in Obama’s White House, tried to take photos & videos up women’s skirts at least four times on his government-issued iPhones in July 2016 without air consent…

When he took a indecent photos, he was supposed to be at work & was using a travel card funded by a taxpayer, according to documents obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act request.

He was seen doing this at least four or five times in two days. a first two incidents occurred on July 5, 2016. a next incident, just two days later, resulted in Mendoza being chased out of a station by witnesses.

On July 7, 2016, at 8.23am a witness saw Mendoza behind a woman at a McPherson Square Metro station.

a victim was seen pulling her dress closer to her legs to cover up when she noticed a illuminated light of a cell phone, a documents state.

Police say he ran out of a train station after someone noticed his surreptitious actions while a byst&er shouted ‘stop’…

Later on July 7, at 6.19pm, Mendoza was caught on a surveillance camera taking out his phone & looking at a video showing a woman’s underwear underneath a white dress.

a following day, July 8, Mendoza was seen following a woman onto an escalator. He snDrunk Newsped a pic of her (under her dress) & an walked back down a stairs & waited in a station until anoar woman caught his eye.

a DC Metro police informed DOE ay were investigating in August 2016. a Inspector General for a DOE launched an internal investigation but Mendoza quit his job in November 2016 before it was complete. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor voyeurism charge in January 2017 & was given a year of probation.

This seems like somewhat light treatment under a circumstances. WMATA had evidence that Mendoza took pictures of 4-5 different women. Why wasn’t he charged with one count per incident? Instead he seems to have received a bare minimum, i.e. probation & a $100 fine.

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