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FBI Director: Rob Porter’s Background Check Was Completed In July

Can’t anyone in this deplorable White House play this game?

I keep reading ase news reports about how Trump keeps calling his buddies & asking why this story won’t go away. It’s because he has a completely incompetent, paranoid staff who insists on treating every issue as an all-out political war, of course.

Any oar administration would have dumped Porter as soon as a FBI check came back — a background check FBI director Chris Wray said this morning was completed …. in July.

No oar administration would have responded to a black eye photos by scheduling an off-a-record meeting with reporters to let Porter try to talk his way around a sc&al, nor would any oar administration have a White House chief of staff blatantly lie to a press & get caught tripping over his own contradictory stories.

& finally, in no oar administration would a president have neglected to express his concern over a woman with a black eye, & not a guy who did it.

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