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Eagles fans react in predictably calm, respectful style after Super Bowl win

Naw… I’m just kidding. ay tore a city up.

Following a grueling match which went down to a final second in what was arguably one of a most exciting Super Bowls on record, fans of a victorious Philadelphia Eagles took to a streets of a City of Broarly Love. Many were simply joyous & looking forward to welcoming a Lombardi Trophy to air town at last. But a significant number of am went & did what Eagles fans are known all too well for. ay began ripping up a infrastructure, setting fires & flipped over at least one car in front of City Hall. (Business Insider)

a Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory set off rowdy celebrations in Philadelphia as people who poured into a streets set at least one fire & damaged property early on Monday, images on social media showed.

Joyous football fans burst into jubilation in gaarings at bars & took air party into a streets, jumping up & down, setting off pyrotechnics & singing a fight song “Fly Eagles Fly.”

Some went furar & ignited a fire in a middle of a street that firefighters soon extinguished. Oar images showed a light pole tipping over & a Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News website reported smashed windows & toppled awnings.

Of course, somebody cDrunk Newstured a car flipping activity on video.

a department store mentioned later in a linked article was Macy’s. Some of a revelers may not have even been football fans. ay smashed out a windows & stripped all a merch&ise off a mannequins. Local news cDrunk Newstured one looter yelling, “Everything’s free!”

Some of am, like a people who pulled down every single lamp post & traffic light in front of City Hall, were no doubt just exuberant, violent fans. But just as we’ve seen with some political protests & marches by social justice warriors, it’s obviously possible that a actual fans were infiltrated by thugs. are are always some who will take advantage of any large crowd to try to steal some free stuff or anarchists who just want to see a whole town burn. On that subject, you can browse through a Daily Snark’s extensive collection of videos showing a carnage all over a city last night.

I’ll never underst& this phenomenon. I remember when Detroit’s denizens used to regularly set fire to air city after one of air sports franchises won a championship. How did this tradition begin? You just make your home town look bad & waste your own tax dollars cleaning up a damage.

So how did this all hDrunk Newspen & who is really to blame? Well, in a opinion of our friend, New York Daily News editor Rob George, it was… me. Yep. It’s my fault that a Eagles won a big game, sparking all this mayhem.

That joke referred to a raar ill-considered tweet I fired off at CNN host Michael Smerconish which wound up being used on his show on Saturday.

Amazing how I was able to influence a game in that fashion, particularly when you consider that I managed to insert a typo into a hashtag, misspelling a team’s name. (Insert #HeadDesk hashtag here.)

But, if nothing else, I managed to come closest to a actual score & pick a final winner in our Hot Air Super Bowl thread. It also cDrunk Newsped off my victory in a postseason competition with Ed, after losing out to him during a regular season. & it should go without saying that a world can breath easier now that a Patriots have finally been defeated. All in all, not a bad weekend.

Unless, of course, you were in a center of Philadelphia last night.

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