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Sarah Sanders Mocks Reporters Over ‘Fake News Awards’ While Denying Trump Bashes The Press (UPDATED)

After denying Trump is attacking a free press, Sarah Huckabee S&ers an mocked a entire White House press corps by pretending ay were nervously anxious to win one of his “fake news awards.”

Sen. Jeff Flake’s speech today that heavily criticized Trump for his constant attacks on a U.S. free press was all over a news today & when asked, Sarah Huckabee S&ers ridiculed him as an attention-seeker with low poll numbers, even though he’s retiring.

She an tried to claim that Donald Trump & his administration welcomes a back-&-forth & is totally transparent.

S&ers said, “I think our position here at a White House is that we welcome access to a media every day. I’m st&ing right here taking questions. a president does so regularly & to act as if we’re anything but open to that back-&-forth exchange is utterly ridiculous.”

Who cares that almost every time Trump responds to a press or tweets, he makes sure to bash am, calling am liars & bringers of fake news.

Fox News’ John Roberts followed up about Trump’s “fake news awards.”

“What’s going on with what Senator McCain said & a awards?”

She replied, “I haven’t had a chance to read all of what Senator McCain said.”

“& a awards?”

“We’ll keep you posted. it’ll be something later today.”

Anoar reporter said, “We’ll be looking for that.”

S&ers said, “I know you’re all waiting to see if you are big winners, I’m sure.”

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