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Huckabee Sanders Falsely Blames Dems For Pending Shutdown: ‘National Security Or Political Agendas’?

Sarah Huckabee S&ers really IS a perfect spokesman for a ugliest tyrant on a planet: Donald J. Trump. She has an uncanny ability to lie with a straight face & is too dumb to care when she twists history into a pretzel in order to accommodate her lying liar boss.

So let’s just put a truth out are: If are is a government shutdown this weekend, it’s entirely a fault of Republicans & a racist, nativist White House, spurred on by air state propag&a channel, Fox News.

This is not a topic for debate. It is simply a fact. Republicans can eiar come to a table & make concessions to get Democrats’ votes, or ay can shut down a government.

& may I remind everyone that it was not Democrats who called African countries “shitholes”? It wasn’t Democrats who blew up a bipartisan compromise.

No, it was a likes of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, & Donald Effing Trump.

So when Sarah Huckabee “Lies are my native language” S&ers says this…

“Republicans don’t have 60 votes. Democrats eiar need to decide that ay are going to come here to do air jobs & govern & put our national security ahead of air own personal political agenda agendas or ay are not. It’s really simple. That’s a decision you’re going to have to ask a democrats what’s more important. National security or political agendas?”

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